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What is the main anion

     The main anion in water Cl--, SO42--, HCO3--, CO32--, oh -, and the HCO3--, CO32--, oh - water often and cation K +, Na +, Mg2 +, Ca2 + composition of hardness and alkalinity, between them the amount of change to affect the water pH value change in, from this change can be to know the properties of water is a type of corrosion or scaling type of. Therefore, they are the main ions affecting the nature of water.. Cl - is the most common anion in water, is caused by the corrosive water quality of catalyst, can strongly promote and facilitate the exchange reactions on metal surfaces, especially on the water system of the stainless steel material, stress concentration (such as thermal stress, shock stress, etc.), will cause the Cl - concentration, accelerated electrochemical corrosion process. Corrosive anion SO42 - water is also more widespread, the conductivity of the water rise, at the same time and cation Ca2 + generated CaSO4 precipitation and scaling, it is water sulfate reducing bacteria nutrient source.
     Water main cation K +, Na +, Ca2 +, Mg2 + and Fe3 +, Mn2 +, Na + is the most common cations in water, K +, Na +, which increased the conductivity of the water, an increase of water be prone to instability; the Ca2 +, Mg2 + is composed of main ions in the water hardness, under certain conditions, often in the heating device scaling on the surface, affect the heat transfer effect. Fe3 +, Mn2 + is easy to generate Fe (OH) 3, Mn (OH) 2 of settling into a scale, resulting in corrosion under the scale, is the growth of iron bacteria agent.