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Dyeing Water

   Currently, water treatment equipment exchange system for printing and dyeing industry consists of two exchange columns and one rotary valve specially designed based on alignment principle. Through the periodic rotation and alignment, the autonomous system realizes relative movement and periodic exchange of various liquids for production, regeneration and cleaning; regenerant is supplied automatically by the regeneration system. Two exchange columns work in succession to realize continuous water production. 
   Printing and dyeing enterprises consume large amount of steam and water. Water quality impacts not only the product quality of pretreatment and other processes, but also on the consumption of dyes and auxiliaries.
   Ca, Mg and salt in hard water react with soap and generate indissolvable calcium magnesium soap depositing on fabrics, and generate indissolvable incrustation in alkaline solution which attach on pretreatment equipment and hinder normal production. When iron and manganese content in water exceed the limit, rust will be generated and oxidized cotton fiber will be catalyzed during boiling off. During oxidizing agent bleaching, iron and manganese will also catalyze and decompose bleaches and damage cotton fiber.  
   Water for boilers must be soft water, otherwise, incrustation will deposit on boiler wall, reducing the conductivity of boiler wall, which will lead to higher fuel consumption and even boiler explosion.
Name Model Flow rate(m3/h) In/outlet
FW62-001 ф223×1000 0.3 DN15
FW62-002 ф300×1100 0.6 DN20
FW62-003 ф300×1600 1.0 DN20
FW62-004   ф400×1700 2.0 DN25
FW62-005 ф500×1800 3.0~7.0 DN32
FW62-006 ф550×1830 4.0~9.0 DN40
FW62-007 ф600×1850 6.0~11.0 DN40
FW62-008 ф750×2050 8.0~17.0 DN50
FW62-009 ф900×2200 10.0~25.0 DN50
FW62-010 ф1000×2250 11.0~31.0 DN65
FW62-011 ф1200×2400 14.0~45.0 DN65
FW62-012 ф1400×2650 20.0~61.0 DN80
FW62-013 ф1600×2900 25.0~80.0 DN80
FW62-014 ф1800×3150 31.0~100.0 DN80
FW62-015 Ф2000×3450 38.0~125.0 DN100
FW62-016 ф2200×3700 45.0~151.0 DN100
FW62-017 Ф2500×4000 58.0~196.0 DN125
FW62-018 ф2800×4300 73.0~246.0 DN125
FW62-019 ф3000×4550 84.0~282.0 DN150
FW62-020 ф3200×4850 96.0~321.0 DN150