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Sea Desalting

   With the decreasing fresh water resources, water has become very important natural resource while insufficient water resource has increasingly attracted people’s concern. Sea water desalting equipment transfers inedible sea water into fresh water, greatly saving fresh water resources and bringing hope to the prospect of water resources. Sea water cannot be drunk directly for its high salt content. Currently, two methods are mainly adopted for desalting sea water, namely distillation and RO method. The former is mainly used in extremely large sea water desalting and places with abundant thermal energy. Sea water desalting equipment overcomes the traditional problem with its new technology.
   The equipment mainly adopts RO method which can be divided into the following parts: sea water tank → medication tank → raw water pump → sand filter → carbon filter → precise filter → high-pressure pump → energy recollection device → reverse osmosis module → sterilizer → fresh water tank → water discharge. Some auxiliary devices may be added to the sea water desalting equipment based on the location, water quality and application of desalted water to meet the requirements of customers. At present, the mature technology of RO membrane and film element and improved performance have greatly dropped down the prices and thus led to lower costs; low energy consumption of the equipment is conducive to energy conservation and water preparation cost reduction; membrane-method sea water desalting a of unit combination and the construction scale can be enlarged gradually, making it easy to promote application. 
   Sea water desalting equipment is applicable to cargo ships, oil tankers, offshore drilling platforms, islands, stations and coastal cities lacking for fresh water. It can effectively remove inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic bacterium and viruses and other hazardous elements in sea water.
Name Model Flow rate (m3/h)  In/outlet
FW76-005 0.5 ф300×1650  DN20
FW76-010 1.0 ф500×2000  DN25 
FW76-020 2.0 ф600×2100  DN32
FW76-030 3.0 ф800×2600  DN40
FW76-050 5.0 ф1000×2700  DN50
FW76-080 8.0 ф1400×2900  DN50
FW76-100 10.0 ф1500×3000  DN65
FW76-150 15.0 ф1800×3100  DN65
FW76-150 20.0 ф2000×3200  DN80
FW76-150 30.0 ф2400×3300  DN100
FW76-150 50.0 ф3200×3800  DN100
FW76-150 80.0 ф3200×3800×2  DN125
FW76-150 100.0 ф3200×3800×2   DN150
FW76-150 150.0 ф3200×3800×3  DN150
FW76-150 200.0 ф3200×3800×4  DN200
FW76-150 300.0 ф3200×3800×6  DN250
FW76-150 400.0 ф3200×3800×8  DN250
FW76-150 500.0 ф3200×3800×10  DN300