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Microporous membrane filter

    The filter element is folded cylinder-type microporous membrane filter element with external diameter of 68mm and the length of 10, 20, 30, 50, or 60inches (namely 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250 or 1500mm). It is sealed to the external filter by plugging in (222 coupling and 226 coupling) or flat pressing.
    Plug-in filter element includes 222 and 226 sockets which are international standard for interfaces of filter element and plug board. 222 socket is of O shape, while for 226 socket, a pair of convex lugs are set on the “O” interface which can be inserted into the groove on the plug board of the filter shell to fix the upper end of the filter.
    Both upper and lower ends of the flat-pressed filter element are planes. Connection between the filter element and filter shell plug board is fixed with plane seal ring.
Micro porous membrane filter consists of microporous membrane filter element, stainless steel shell and necessary stainless steel pipes and valves. At the lower filter, a plate is installed for inserting the filter element.
Flow rate:0.1 m³/h -300.0 m³/h
Operation:hand or auto
Length of Filter:10″~ 40″
Number:1 ~180
Precision of filtration:0.1μm~10μm
      Name Model      In/outlet
FW01-001 1×10″ DN15
FW01-002 1×20″ DN15
FW01-003 1×30″ DN20
FW01-004 1×40″ DN20
FW01-005 3×10″ DN20
FW01-006 3×20″ DN25
FW01-007 3×30″ DN25
FW01-008 3×40″   DN25
FW01-009 5×10″        DN25
FW01-010 5×20″        DN25
FW01-011 5×30″        DN32
FW01-012 5×40″ DN40
FW01-013 7×20″        DN40
FW01-014 7×30″        DN40
FW01-015 7×40″        DN40
FW01-016 10×20″ DN40
FW01-017 10×30″ DN40
FW01-018 10×40″ DN50
FW01-019 15×30″ DN50
FW01-020 15×40″ DN50
FW01-021 18×30″ DN65
FW01-022 18×40″ DN65
FW01-023 32×40″ DN65
FW01-024 45×40″ DN80
FW01-025 65×40″ DN125
FW01-026 80×40″ DN125
FW01-027 105×40″ DN125
FW01-028 120×40″ DN150
FW01-029 150×40″ DN200