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Activated carbon

Activated carbon is strong in adsorption. Its principal raw materials are wood, shell and coal. After carbonization, it can be divided into granular activated carbon and shell activated carbon. The shell activated carbon has advanced hole, high adsorptive property and strength, easy regeneration and economy and durability. It is widely applied in filtration of drinking water, food, beverage and purified water and deep purification of industrial water and waste water; dechlorination and peculiar smell removal of domestic water and industrial water. Furthermore, it can effectively remove hazardous substances in water such as phenol, mercury, lead, arsenic and heavy metal.
The granular activated carbon is used for adsorbing molecule while the adsorbability is related to the hole size distribution of carbon. The product, due to its hardness, ideal specific gravity, multihole and versatility, and special physical and chemical treatment (clean the pigment, fat, oil and electric anion), is excellent in oil removal of water treatment. Besides superior properties of solid particle and easy backwashing, it is extensively applied in oily sewage treatment of oil field, treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic water. It is a new generation of filter material substituting quartz sand filter material, improving water quality and substantially reducing treatment cost.