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Titanium bar

Features of titanium rod filter element: corrosion resistance, thermostability, high strength, guaranteed filter precision and easy regeneration. Titanium rod filter element is formed by high sintering with titanium powder. Therefore, the surface particles are difficult to fall off; the application temperature in air can reach 500~600℃; it is applicable to filtration of various corrosive media, e.g. hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydroxide, seawater, sewage and chloride solution such as iron, copper and sodium. It boasts superior mechanical property, and can be incised, welded and other machining, with high compression strength. The maximum internal pressure breaking strength reaches over 2MPa; its filter precision can be easily ensured. Even at high temperature and high pressure, the pore diameter will not deform. The porosity can achieve 35~45%. The pore diameter is evenly distributed, with high assimilative capacity and easy to generate. Moreover, it can be reused after regeneration.
Model: 0.22μm、0.45μm、1.0μm、2.0μm、3.0μm、 5.0μm、10.0μm