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Fiber filter media

Fiber filter material can be divided into fiber bundle filter material, comet fiber filter material and fiber ball filter material. High-efficient fiber bundle filter material selects macromolecule fiber material, and compresses the filter layer via the impact force produced by water level rise and decline in the filter basin so that the filter material stays at dense state, and improves the capacity of intercepting impurities. Meanwhile, it is easy to absorb the suspensoid and colloid impurities in water.
Fiber ball filter material is formed by ligating cellosilk, and affected by the dead load of pollutant at upper and medium layers during operation, forming the state of sparse upper layer and dense lower. However, due to large superficial area and hole, the fiber ball can quickly absorb and hold back suspended substance in water, excellent in filtration effect and has large mud interception capacity. Thus, it is applicable to filtration of all kinds of water qualities.
Comet fiber filter material is a kind of cellosilk with a loose end while cellosilk on the other end is fixed in the core. During operation, because of the densification of cellosilk, the interception capacity of filter bed has been improved. At the same time, it is featured by high cleanliness of particle filter material backwashing and low water consumption. It is a brand new material. Especially in backwashing, the internal of the filter bed can automatically rotate to enhance the washing effect. The filter bed void ration formed by the filter material is close to ideal structure. The void ration on the cross section (horizontal) if the filter bed is evenly distributed, thus to ensure the same flow channel during filtration. Its direct effect is even interception capacity, and prevention of short circuit. The void ration on the vertical section (vertical) gradually reduces from top to bottom and in graded distribution along the vertical section (large in the upper part and small in the lower). The structure can effectively separate the suspended solid in water, i.e. particles not held back at upper part of the filter bed will be captured in the bed of lower narrow channel so as to quickly and efficiently filter.
Comet fiber filter material:ф0.5mm×36mm
fiber ball filter material:ф30mm    ф35mm    ф40mm