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Pool Water

Swimming pool should go through water quality circulating processing for reaching relevant national standards. Main pollutants for swimming pools include suspended substances, human body pollutants like sweats, spits, scurf, grease, cosmetics and bacterium. A set of efficient purification system has been designed for swimming pool pollution. It can rapidly remove human body pollutants (including urea and protease in sweats) and clean water while avoiding large amount of water exchange and supplement for swimming pool. It thus prevents high heat consumption, effectively saving water resource and energies.
Medication device → hair filter → booster pump → quartz sand filter → sterilization device → PH regulation device → backflow swimming pool
Firstly, hair collector intersects hair and fibers in water. The impurities not removed will twist on circulating pump impeller, increasing load for the pump and even burning motor in severe cases. Then pressurize the water into the filter for removing the suspended substances and colloids to purify the water. Heat the water in heat exchange to maintain the temperature. Lastly, disinfect the water and re-inject into the swimming pool to complete the circulation and reuse of the water.
Add coagulant to remove the stability of the colloids and to form alumen ustum for filtration. Meanwhile, this set of device can intermittently add algicide to remove green alga and increase blueness of the water. Add sanitizers to disinfect the water. Set balance water tank to meet the demand of routine water supplement.
Due to the direct contact with human body, swimming pool water polluted by swimmers’ body and excrements may become the infection source of certain diseases like pinkeye, diarrhea and skin disease. As swimming pool is used in closed circulation, therefore, water treatment equipment in circulating process ensures healthy, safe and comfortable use, as well as ensure the water will meet the objectives of save and energy conservation and pollution prevention through circulating water treatment. 
Primary water feeding, circulating water, routine water supplement, water drainage and overflow devices make the entire system of circulating water treatment for swimming pool. It ensures long-term stability of water quality, turbidity of yield lower than 5 NTU, PH within 6.8~7.5m filtration speed ﹤40m/h and residual chlorine 0.3~0.5mg/L. Occupying less area, it boasts easy and convenient installation and operation.
Name Model Flow rate (m3/h) In/outlet
FW65-15 15 ф700×1850 DN65
FW65-20 20 ф800×1890 DN65
FW65-30 30 ф1000×2010 DN80
FW65-45 45 ф1200×2300 DN100
FW65-60 60 ф1400×2430 DN125
FW65-80 80 ф1600×2450 DN125
FW65-100 100 ф1800×2330 DN125
FW65-125 125 ф2000×2450 DN150
FW65-150 150 ф2200×2450 DN200
FW65-210 210 ф2600×2450 DN200