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Plants’ requirements for nutrients vary in its different growing periods. Meanwhile, leafing and flowering plants have various requirements for various nutrient elements. Nutrient solution prepared with tap water may affected by the inorganic salts in the latter and thus affect the actual effect. However, taking pure water as solvent can greatly reduce the interruption of other ions and meet the garden requirements to the maximum extent.
Soils occupy small proportion in potted flowers while tap water contains various salts. As the evaporated moisture is pure water, therefore, salinization of soil will be increasingly severe if tap water is used for irrigation and thus it will affect the growth of plants. The extremely low salt content in pure water can prevent soil salinization. Pure water irrigation greatly improves the utilization of inorganic salt to achieve the best anticipated landscape effect.  
Conductivity of water for gardening should be lower than 100us/cm. However, most of garden spots are located at suburbs, and the water for use usually comes from simply processed tap water or deep well water with high conductivity as high as 700us/cm in some areas which is extremely disadvantageous to the growth of plants. Therefore, water for gardening must be desalted and the salt removing rate should be stable above 85%.
Desalination of water is usually realized through electrodialysis, sodium filtration, ion exchange and reverse osmosis. Salt removing rate of electrodialysis is usually at about 60% which can hardly satisfy the demand of water for gardening. Though with a salt removing rate at about 80%, sodium filtration is selective to the desalination, removing calcium and magnesium salt as high as 95%, while removing fewer salts with smaller ion radius like sodium salt. Thus, for inwelling areas and brackish water areas with higher chlorine content, sodium filtration is not ideal for desalination. Reverse osmosis is a proper choice. Automatically operated, RO requires only backwash for pretreatment and softener regeneration manually, rendering convenient management. Also the conductivity of the yield is lower than 100us/cm.
Name Model Flow rate(m3/h) In/outlet
FW69-001 Ф220×1500 0.25 DN15
FW69-002 Ф300×1600 0.5 DN20
FW69-003 Ф400×1800 1.0 DN25
FW69-004 Ф500×2100 2.0 DN25
FW69-005 Ф600×2200 3.0 DN32
FW69-006 ф1000×2800 5.0 DN40
FW69-007 ф1300×3000 8.0 DN50
FW69-008 ф1400×3100 10.0 DN50
FW69-009 ф1800×3200 15.0 DN65
FW69-010 Ф2000×3400 20.0 DN80
FW69-011 ф2200×3500 25.0 DN80
FW69-012 ф2500×3900 30.0 DN100
FW69-013 ф2800×4100 40.0 DN125
FW69-014 Ф3200×4350 50.0 DN150
FW69-015 Ф3200×4350 80.0 DN150
FW69-016 Ф3200×4350 100.0 DN150
FW69-017 ф3200×4500 150.0 DN200
FW69-018 ф3200×4500 200.0 DN200
FW69-019 ф3200×4600 300.0 DN250
FW69-020 ф3200×4700 500.0 DN300