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Mineral Water

      Mineral water equipment (spring water equipment) adopts hollow fiber ultrafilter (UF) which is a high new technology of membrane separation. Ultrafiltration refers to solution separation process powered by differential pressure of the two sides of membrane and based on the principle of mechanical screening. It can effectively filter suspended substances, organics, bacterium, Escherichia coli and other hazardous substances in mineral water to greatly improve its transparency while remaining various minerals benefiting human body. Membrane pore size of ultrafiltration is usually between 3-100nm, being able to intersect substances with molecule between 1000~500000da1ton. It can also remove sugar, biomolecule, high-molecular polymer and colloidal substances.
     It is suitable for deep purification of mineral water, spring water and domestic drinking water. Industrial separation: concentration and clarification in bean, milk and pharmaceutical industries. Industrial waste water: treatment of electrophoretic coating, electroplating waste water, oily wastewater and oilfield reinjection water.
Name Model Flow rate (m3/h) In/outlet
FW56-001 0.3 ф173×1500 DN15
FW56-002 0.6 ф223×1600 DN20
FW56-003 0.8 ф300×1650 DN20
FW56-004 1.0 ф350×1700 DN20
FW56-005 1.2-1.6 ф400×1900 DN25
FW56-006 1.5-2.5 ф500×2000 DN25
FW56-007 2.0-3.6 ф600×2050 DN32
FW56-008 3.0-6.5 ф800×2600 DN40
FW56-009 6.0-8.5 ф1000×2700 DN50
FW56-010 9.0-10.5 ф1200×2800 DN50
FW56-011 11.0-15.0 ф1400×2850 DN50
FW56-012 16.0-17.0 ф1500×2900 DN65
FW56-013 18.0-20.0 ф1600×2950 DN65
FW56-014 21.0-25.0 ф1800×3050 DN80
FW56-015 26.0-30.0 ф2000×3150 DN80
FW56-016 31.0-40.0 ф2200×3200 DN80
FW56-017 40.0-50.0 ф2400×3250 DN100
FW56-018 50.0-58.5 ф2500×3300 DN100
FW56-019 53.0-63.5 ф2600×3450 DN125
FW56-019 60.0-73.5 ф2800×3550 DN125
FW56-020 70.0-84.5 ф3000×3650 DN150
FW56-021 80.0-100.0 ф3200×3750 DN150
FW56-022 100.0-125.0 ф3500×4000 DN200