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Hotel Water

Water for hotels are usually from urban tap water which are secondarily polluted during the transmission and fail to meet the requirements for drinking water. Multi-medium and activated carbon are adopted for filtering and removing particles, rusts, residual chlorine, bacterium and other substances that may affect taste and safety of water to provide users with quality and stable water.
Filtration technology is the main processing technology for hotels. Water is stored in purification water tank to transmit to terminal water supply equipment.
Technological processes are mainly divided into the following parts: raw water tank → raw water pump → double-medium filter → activated carbon filter → precise filter → purification water tank → water supply pump → users
It is widely applied to water purification in households, villas, suits, environmentally-friendly residences, factories, governments, canteens, workshops, schools, hotels, guestrooms, companies, construction sites, hospitals and labs.
Name Model Flow rate (m3/h) In/outlet
FW72-001 Ф400×1800 1.0 DN25
FW72-002 Ф500×2100 2.0 DN25
FW72-003 Ф600×2200 3.0 DN32
FW72-004 ф1000×2800 5.0 DN40
FW72-005 ф1300×3000 8.0 DN50
FW72-006 Ф1200×2800 10 DN50
FW72-007 Ф1400×2850 15 DN50
FW72-008 Ф1600×2950 20 DN65
FW72-009 ф2000×3150 30 DN80
FW72-010 ф2400×3250 40 DN100
FW72-011 Ф2500×3300 50 DN100
FW72-012 Ф2600×3450 60 DN125
FW72-013 Ф2800×3550 70 DN125
FW72-014 ф3000×3650 80 DN150
FW72-015 ф3200×3750 100 DN150