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Fiber ball filter

     As a steel cylinder tank, fiber ball filter adopts fiber ball as filtering medium and pressure operation. Compared with traditional steel particle filter materials, fiber ball filter materials features not floating on water surface, good elasticity, large space, long work cycle and less head losses.
     During the processing, the filter layer space gradually decreases along with the water flow direction, making the ideal space distribution of larger upside and small downside filter materials, and realizing high efficiency. The filtering speed can reach 20~50 m. It also boasts large intersection capacity. Filtering period of fiber ball is about 3 times of sand filter materials, achieving favorable filtering efficiency. Regeneration is possible. Back wash with aerated water in the quantity of 1-2% of filtered water. 
      It is widely applied to household and various process water filtrations, also to deep processing of all kinds of waste water, featuring rapid filtration, large processing quantity and less area occupation. Fiber ball filter is equipped with pinwheel reducer stirring device. During backwash, the tank is filled with water and the reducer stirring device is activated to make the fiber ball filter materials in the tank turn upside down to facilitate cleaning. It is suitable for circulating water bypass flow filtration, domestic water deep processing, boiler water supply processing, and pre-filtration of reverse osmosis, sewage reuse filtration, also for coarse, medium and fine filtration of oily sewage reinjection in oil fields, and waste water drainage processing of oil refineries.
    Flow Rate:8 m³/h ~210 m³/h
    Backwash Speed:10~12L/m2·S
      Melting Point 238~240℃
        Acid Resistance
           Bases Resistance