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Brackish Water

In some saline and alkaline areas and sea water intrusion regions, inorganic salt and heavy metal contents in water are relatively high. Brackish water desalination equipment, quality pressure vessels, high-pressure pumps and together with reasonable pretreatment equipment can effectively remove inorganic salt, heavy metal ions, organisms, bacterium and viruses in water and transfer brackish water into quality water meeting national requirements for drinking water.
Raw water → raw water tank → raw water pump → (metering pump) → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → water softener→ (metering pump) → precise filter →high pressure pump → primary RO device → pure water tank → pure water pump → UV sterilizer → microporous filter → user
Antisludging agent in metering pump can postpone salt crystallization and precipitation. The method can also be adopted for preventing scaling pollution of reverse osmosis. However, as calcium and magnesium ions remain in water, calcium and magnesium ions in water after reverse osmosis are more than that of softening, while medication and scale inhibition can easily realize automatic control, as well as lower equipment cost. In addition, using antisluding agent can reduce silicon precipitation, which cannot be realized by softening. It is thus suitable for underground water treatment. Cost of softening facilities is proportional to the flow, while the cost of antisludging agent feeding facility is not closely related with flow. Thus, double RO and ware system usually adopt antisludging agent feeding system. Water softener or metering pump can be properly selected based on water quality; or neither of the two is required for use if the water quality is good.
Name Model Flow rate (m3/h) In/outlet
FW51-002 Ф220×1500 0.25 DN15
FW51-005 Ф300×1600 0.5 DN20
FW51-010 Ф400×1800 1.0 DN25
FW51-020 Ф500×2100 2.0 DN25
FW51-030 Ф600×2200 3.0 DN32
FW51-050 ф1000×2800 5.0 DN40
FW51-080 ф1300×3000 8.0 DN50
FW51-100 ф1400×3100 10.0 DN50
FW51-150 ф1800×3200 15.0 DN65
FW51-200 Ф2000×3400 20.0 DN80
FW51-250 ф2200×3500 25.0 DN80
FW51-300 ф2500×3900 30.0 DN100
FW51-400 ф2800×4100 40.0 DN125
FW51-500 Ф3200×4350 50.0 DN150
FW51-800 Ф3200×4350 80.0 DN150
FW51-1000 Ф3200×4350 100.0 DN150
FW51-1500 ф3200×4500 150.0 DN200
FW51-2000 ф3200×4500 200.0 DN200
FW51-3000 ф3200×4600 300.0 DN200
FW51-5000 ф3200×4700 500.0 DN250