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Hangzhou Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful West Lake, equipment manufacturing plant in the in the western suburbs of Hangzhou Fuchun River bank, is Huang Gongwang painting masterpieces, "Fuchun mountains" Fu Chunjiang landscape of the real. I design, research and development, manufacturing purification equipment, industrial purification equipment, water treatment reuse equipment, sewage treatment equipment.
Is the main workshop of 6000m2 production of water treatment equipment, production equipment diameter phi 4000mm, the height of equipment 10000mm, 5 sets of 10 tons crane. Automatic argon arc welding, automatic submerged arc welding, automatic cutting equipment, automatic polishing processing equipment, automatic sub - optical processing equipment. A shearing machine, bending machine, bending machine, punching machine, drilling machine, lathe and other processing equipment, water treatment equipment to ensure product quality.
In 1996 and was declared the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registered trademark "Fuchun brand water treatment equipment", registration number "1535705". 2001 declaration of the people's Republic of China Ministry of health, domestic relates to the health and safety of drinking water products, hygiene license documents "Fuchun card FC05-010 ultrafiltration net water equipment, approved document" health word (2003) the improvement of number ", February 2012 the second continuation application and approved by the Ministry of health.
Many domestic and foreign water treatment equipment engineering company, engineering company, environmental protection technology and equipment installation company, mechanical and electrical equipment company made in our factory: pressure filter, manganese sand filter, horizontal filter, multi medium filter, mechanical filter, quartz sand filter, sand filter, in addition to iron and manganese filter, activated carbon filter, fiber ball filter, filter, comet fiber filter, fluoride removal filter, shallow sand filter, filter, integrated water purifier, automatic cleaning filter, water softener, sodium ion exchanger, cation exchanger, anion exchanger, mixed bed, co2removal towers, tower, steam storm electric desalting device EDI, precision filter microporous filter, filter, filter bag, filter, hair, UV sterilizer, ozone sterilizer, ozone mixing tower, stainless steel shell, filter, quartz sand filter, manganese sand filter, ion exchange resin, water filtering cap, pure water tank, water tank, water tank, horizontal vertical mixing feeding device, automatic feeding device.