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What is the colloidal substance in the water

    The colloidal substance in the water refers to the particles that are not visible in the diameter of the 0.0001-0.000001mm.. Colloid is a collection of molecules and ions.. The main minerals in natural water are iron, aluminum and silicon.. Organic substances in the water are mainly the decomposition of the body of plants or animals and the decomposition of the humus.. The humus content of the lake water is the most, so the common water of the lake is yellow green or brown.
     Because of the small particles of colloidal material, light weight, the surface area of the unit volume is very large, so the surface has a large adsorption capacity, which is often adsorbed by the amount of ions and charged. The same kind of colloid is mutually exclusive because of the same charge, it glue can not be bonded in water and be in stable state.. Therefore, the colloidal particles can not be removed by gravity self settling, usually in the water, the addition of the drug damage its stability, so that the colloidal particles increase and the settlement to remove.